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Baby Portrait - Mark Bornowski

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How to draw a prefect Baby Portrait that is an easy step by step process. The book “Baby Portrait” begins by showing you how to draw a perfect portrait using photograph, pencil and grid. All the pastels colors are pictured on each page so you know exactly which colors to use. The simple, straight forward technique will show how to create realistic portraits and seamless fine detail. This book answers questions on foundation color, flesh color, mixing color, what to apply first and which colors to add during each stage. It is written in easy to understandable text, 26 chapters, over 50 illustration and photographs that help you understand what to do each step of the way.
It is designed to take you though each step so you can master your skills quickly and create beautiful portraits every time. Learn about color, lights, darks, highlights, ins and outs of the grid method and much more. This is a great reference book for creating a realistic baby portrait for you, your friends and commissions. Yes, this will get you started making portraits for money.

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