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The Holmes Inspection - Mike Holmes

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The Holmes Inspection will be the definitive guide to smart home-buying and home-selling for Canadians. It’s often said that a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, yet many buyers, when considering a house, spend less time on examining its pros and cons than they might on a head of lettuce at the supermarket. Why? A big part of the problem is knowledge: without an understanding of house construction, materials and finishing, many people are overwhelmed and decide to forego the inspection process altogether, or leave it entirely in the hands of a home inspector—who might not be much of an expert either. The Holmes Inspection gives readers the tools they need to buy smart and sell smart. Beginning with the most basic rationale for inspecting prior to buying, the book shows readers what to expect from the houses they’ll see, what qualities to look for, and the red flags to watch out for. As well, they’ll learn what a home inspector can and can’t do, get advice on how to find a good home inspector, and find out about options to the “professional” home inspection route.

Using sidebars, checklists—and the savvy, no-nonsense style that Mike Holmes fans know and love—The Holmes Inspection is like having Mike himself along for the ride of making that biggest of investments: your own home.

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