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CSB Tony Evans Study Bible - Tony Evans

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Tony Evans is one of today’s most influential church leaders and has faithfully studied and preached the gospel for over 50 years. He serves as senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX and founder of The Urban Alternative, a ministry which promotes a kingdom agenda philosophy to equip people to live all of life underneath the comprehensive rule of God.

The Tony Evans Study Bible includes extensive study notes and other ancillary resources to assist in both men’s and women’s Bible study that are carefully crafted and curated by Dr. Tony Evans as General Editor and adapted from his sermons, teachings, and writings. These features are strategically placed alongside the biblical text to explain God’s Word in a fresh way. Applying these truths will empower readers to have transformed lives and transfer the values of the kingdom of God to others.

Features include:

• Elegant design
• Study notes crafted from Tony Evans sermons and writings
• 40 inspirational articles
• 50 “Lessons on Kingdom Living”
• Plethora of “Questions & Answers”
• Numerous "Hope Words”
• Over 150 videos of sermons
• Devotionals, and teaching from Dr. Evans, page-edge cross-reference system
• Black-letter text
• Presentation page and introductory front matter
• Special back matter section with key definitions
• Theological and doctrinal charts, and other study helps
• Concordance
• Bible reading plan
• Full-color maps 

The Tony Evans Study Bible features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). CSB Bibles by Holman stays as literal as possible to the Holy Bible's original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture's life-transforming message and to share it with others. Whether you are looking for CSB study Bibles, an easy-to-understand Christian Bible, a mens or womens study Bible, the CSB is a translation that focuses on the accuracy and readability of God’s Word. 

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