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Becoming Us - Beth McCord & Jeff McCord

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How Christian couples can understand their personality types—and build a more powerful bond of love.
He doesn't listen to me . . . I don't understand her . . . Why do we keep having the same fight?
If you’ve ever felt baffled by the person you married, join Enneagram Coach Beth McCord and her husband, Pastor Jeff McCord, as they pull back the curtain to reveal why you and your spouse behave in different ways. Applying the Enneagram through the lens of the gospel, they provide practical steps, insights, and tools to better understand yourself and each other. This book will help you:
  Answer the question, “Why do they do that?”Stop committing “assumicide” about each other’s motives and dramatically improve your communicationRelate to your spouse in ways they actually understandAwaken a tired marriage that feels like it’s on cruise controlDefuse conflict before it starts, especially the same old “dance”Enjoy your spouse again, even if you’ve loved each other for years!  
Whether you’re preparing for marriage or celebrating a fiftieth anniversary, Becoming Us will revolutionize the way you understand yourself and your spouse, and transform your marriage into the powerful, loving, and satisfying relationship that God intended.
“An insightful resource for those who want to understand themselves, their spouse, and their marriage through the lens of faith and the tool of the Enneagram.” —Ian Morgan Cron, Enneagram expert and author of The Road Back to You

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