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Ireland Travel Guide - The Non Fiction Author

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The Ireland Traveler's Guide to Make The Most Out of Your Trip.
When the Romans under Julius Caesar first began their conquest of Great Britain, they looked to the west and saw the dim outlines of another land. From travelers’ tales, they knew it was inhabited by human beings, but they knew nothing about this mysterious tribe or their territory. They believed the island to be hostile in climate, poor in natural resources, and hardly worth conquering. On their maps, they labeled it “Hibernia” after their word hibernus, meaning “wintry.”
How little those Roman conquerors knew. Because they decided not to cross those 60 miles of choppy water, the small island’s Celtic inhabitants were allowed to continue developing their culture for thousands of years without the interference of a colonial master.
Today, that mysterious island bears the proud name of Ireland, a name that inspires love, joy, and intense loyalty all over the world – and not just among the Irish and their descendants! As the worldwide popularity of St. Patrick’s day shows, there’s something universally recognizable about Irish culture. Something in its combination of rich history, joyous music, and irrepressible humor seems to appeal to the depths of every human soul.

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