Studios in Vancouver

Here is a list of social games studios in Vancouver:

East Side Games
East Side Games is a studio of 30 people (and growing) building Social and Mobile games in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in July of 2011, this awesome studio aims to be a powerhouse of Social and Mobile games. It is a profitable bootstrapped company with several live titles including: I Like Slots (FB), Blaze Runner (iOS), and our flagship game – Pot Farm (FB and Standalone). Collectively they have had over 6 million installs and have well over 100,000 unique users across our games per day.

Fit Brains
With a number of casual games this Vancouver based studio focuses on games that improve the abilities of the brain. They’ve recently entered the social game market with  Uber Brain Isle which currently has over 14K MAU.
Description: Vivity Labs, Inc is a multi platform lifestyle gaming company with a strong foundation of neuroscience. At the core, we combine casual games and lifestyle tools to improve a person’s quality of life through three key pillars: Activity, Awareness and Motivation. This studio has 11 employees list on their LinkedIn page.

While not a full game studio OverInteractive Media Inc. (OMI) is a team of web experts that have focused their skill on scalability and hosting for social games.  “OMI’s mandate is to create a network of perfect disintermediation allowing Users and Developers to communicate directly to improve, and grow content organically”
Description: OverInteractive Media Inc. (OMI) is currently developing – a branded social game platform built specifically to support the Unity game engine.  The platform will host 3D multiplayer browser games and serve as a single centralized platform designed to simplify the deployment to social networks (Facebook, mySpace, etc.) and manage monetization, so developers can spend less time tracking, collecting, etc. and more time creating the best game content possible. This team has 13 people listed on their LinkedIn page.

Blitzoo Inc.
Blitzoo Games, Inc. is a Vancouver-based studio creating games for social networks (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) and smartphone platforms (Android, iPhone, etc.). They have 9 employees listed on their LinkedIn page.

Eruptive Social Games

Kaboom Social games is another Vancouver based social game studio. Their feature title Mercenaris Of War has over 360K MAU and 30K DAU. ‘Kaboom Social Games is an up and coming social video game company. Established in 2009, Kaboom’s mandate is to produce interactive, ground breaking games onto global social platforms. With the ever growing and changing space of social gaming, Kaboom leverages real time data and creative game design to forge into the future.’
They currently have two employees listed on their LinkedIn page.


Ayogo is a Vancouver-based studio that creates casual social games for social networks and mobile platforms. Named the “Hottest Canadian Digital Media Company” in Canada for 2010 by nextMedia Toronto, Ayogo’s team continues to build social games that are changing the way millions all over the world are interacting online. Ayogo has built games for and with organizations as diverse as Electronic Arts, and Joslin Diabetes Center (Harvard Medical School). While Ayogo usually works with larger scope projects, we do take pride in working for smaller projects that are a service to the public. We’d like to be the first social gaming company to create an innovative public service advertisement for a health authority to reach millions of viewers.

Ayogo in the Press
Ayogo’s games have garnered have been featured in Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, CNBC, FOX News and The Globe and Mail. The Vancouver Sun lists Ayogo’s Michael Fergusson as one of 10 Vancouver “Movers and Shakers” to watch in 2010.

A Thinking Ape

A Thinking Ape creates highly addictive online social experiences and is one of the best kept secrets in the mobile social games industry. They are one of the top 10 best selling game developers for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad platforms.

IUGO is a world-class development studio with a passion for crafting premium games for smartphones. The independent studio specializes in the design, development and deployment of innovative, cutting edge games through proprietary technology. Having proved its chops with social hit Lil’ Pirates, IUGO is focused on delivering premium social experiences in 2011/2012. Visit for more info on IUGO, its IP and company news.

Game House Canada

GameHouse develops and distributes games that people love to play and share across an expansive mix of channels including social, smartphone, tablet, and download.

They also power some of the world’s most popular game destinations including,, and

GameHouse Canada studio is located in spectacular Victoria B.C.

Kabam Vancouver ( Formerly Exploding Barrel Games)



Hothead Games