Join Vancouver Social Games Executive Committee!

| by Mack

We’re looking to build an Executive Comitee

Vancouver Social Games was an initiative pioneered by Tayber Voyer.  His objective was simple, connect the local social games community.  After only a couple of months the results have been stupendous.

Between an active blog, packed meetups, jobs found, metrics shared and community built the response has been better than he could have hoped.

Since things are growing at such a pace Tayber asked Mack (me) and Andrew Gracie to step up and help drive the direction of the organization.  We’re both flattered- it’s not often you get offered the chance to guide a vision you believe in.  But we don’t want to do this alone.

We are taking Vancouver Social Games to the next level and need your help.  We are looking for two more people to step up and help us shape the future of the social games industry in Vancouver.

Anybody is welcome to apply to join the executive team.  Anybody at all. But there’s a couple things that will help you stand out:

  • An ability to get shit done. If you don’t understand what that means then you don’t have the ability.
  • A great network in the game space. (Console/Social/Mobile/etc. it’s all cool.)
  • A passion for games.
  • A passion for people.

It’s time to kick up a notch!

The community demands it.

We will provide.

Can you help?

Get at us:

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