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DAU stands for Daily Active User and it shows how many users have played a game in a given day. Everything in social gaming depends on how many people you have playing your games and so accurately measuring the number of people that play the game each day is very important.

The game with most DAUs is Farmville by Zynga. The game has 16 million Daily Active Users according to AppData. The next two highest games by DAU are FrontierVille and Texas Holdem Poker also both by Zynga.


MAU stands for Monthly Active Users. It represents the number of users that have played your game in the last 30 days. It should be noted that Facebook tends to inflate this number because it only records updates the count periodically. If you are a game producer you should count this number by distinct Facebook User ID that hits your game in the last 30 days. This number tends to grow much more quickly than DAU because users who do not return to the game day after day ARE included in Monthly Active Users while Daily Active users shows only the people who actually played the game that day.


Retention can be measured in a couple of way but in the context high level metrics of KPI it is measured by DAU/MAU. For every user that has played your game in a given day how many users have played this month. A retention rate of 0.3 is good target to reach. It can also be helpful to look at your DAU as weekly average if you see peak and trough traffic through out the week.

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