Accounting for Games

| by Mack

Along with Frank the Accountant and the good people of Full Indie we are presenting a workshop on basic accounting for small games studios.

Be aware, this is ENTRY level stuff.  We aren’t trying to make accountants out of you, we are trying to teach you how to keep proper records.  More will come later.

You can get tickets here.


  1. Our friend Frank has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.
  2. He is inpired by the Vancouver game community.
  3. He said: “How can I help out?”
  4. We said: “Teach us how to do the accounting. In babysteps.”
  5. And so this was born.


  1. Monday July 18th.
  2. 6:00 – 8:00 pm.
  3. Location TBD (Gastown)
  4. Costs $10. (Prove you’ll show up and pay for dinner)
  5. Must bring a lap top.
  6. Workshop format- slides and hands on learning.

You can get tickets here.

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