Global Spotlight: Peak Games in Turkey

The following interview was conducted with Rina Onur, Chief Strategy Officer at Peak Games. Peak Games is a huge force in social games publishing with a focus on emerging markets. They also provided us with two awesome infographics you can see below.

The idea behind the interview was to shine a spotlight on the game development scene in Turkey.

Community-Centric Products: A better term for Social Media

What the hell does Social Media mean anyways? I hear the term constantly, I use the term more than I should, and yet I’ve never really given much thought into what it actually *means*. In this post I purpose a better term for Social Media, and start to tie together your product, your customer, and your community into something one could call a Social Media experience.

Enter the Social Media Mindset

Social Games is a strange beast in the Game Development community. Tapping into this increasingly complex market can be a daunting task, unless you are ready to take the plunge and start thinking in a way that adopts the lessons of such an explosive area of games. Enter the mindset of social media game design- the new paradigm of game development.